Robert Wagner
Jiatong Wu
Peter Thöle

The company China Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG made it its business to promote Chinese shows and concerts in Europe.  Owing to their partners Robert Wagner, Jiatong Wu and Peter Thöle China Entertainment can bring along a large wealth of experience within the range of events and Chinese-European cultural exchange.

General Manager Robert Wagner, at the same time also managing director of “Robert Wagner Entertainment GmbH”, which is organizing major events and concerts in the German-speaking countries since 1986, was for 12 years the promoter for the tours of „The Grand Chinese Statecircus “. With „APASSIONATA - The Galanight Of The Horses“ he produced and branded a magnificent familyshow, which inspired more than 3 million visitors all over Europe in the last 7 years.

Shareholder Jiatong Wu is at the same time General Manager of “Wu Promotion Ltd.” in Beijing. The company Wu Promotion was founded 1992 as the first private concert agency of China and is today the most important promotion agency of the People's Republic. 1998 for the first time Mr. Wu brought a traditional Chinese orchestra with 100 musicians to Europe. Since then the orchestra performs in more than 20 European cities each year.

The third partner, Peter Thoele, is at the same time General Manager of “xhsConsulting Ltd.” This company has an excellent knowledge of Asian culture and economy through a long time activity in the context of extensive consulting and management projects in China, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Mr. Thöle lived in Beijing from 1988 to 1994 in order to develop the German-Chinese Joint venture company “Ameco” for Lufthansa.